Sunday 9 November 2014

A Catechism of Privacy

Q. What is the State’s duty?
A. To protect us.

Q. How does the State protect us?
A. Through watchfulness.

Q. Whom does the State watch?
A. All who present a threat.

Q. Who watches the State?
A. We do.

Q. What may we see?
A. That which the State, which is wise, permits.

Q. May the State watch us?
A. We have nothing to hide.

Q. Must we obey the State?
A. The law must be observed.

Q. Does the State obey the law?
A. The State acts as necessary and proportionate in accordance with the law.

Q. Does the law protect privacy?
A. Privacy is not absolute.
Q. Should we fear the State?
A. The servants of the State are conscientious and dedicated.

Q. What does the State require of us? 
A. That we obey the law and act responsibly.

Q. What is our responsibility?
A. To enable the State to perform its duty.

Q. What is the State’s duty?
A. To protect us.

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